I won’t end up in the cage, I’ll die like a legend M.Jackson 🤘


peace out 🤗💖🤪💕😌🌸


A few weeks ago, I launched another Instagram account, my personal mood board @THECAPSULEEDIT / A capsule of my favourite things, sayings and sightings. A space to escape and share my daily musings with you outside outfits or capsule wardrobe chats I generally share on here. It is calm and simple if you’d like to check it out and follow #THECAPSULEEDIT hashtag. You can add my hashtag to your imagery too if it’s got a similar vibe, and I will share. #createinspireshare I hope that you will like it there too. Thank you and happy Thursday! 🖤 x #moodboard #dailymusings


Cozy morning 🍑🌙 #rightnleft


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